A cute humurous tale from Olivia

This ia a cute and humurous tale from Olivia which focuses on the dangers of eavesdropping and of presuming you know how to do everything.
Olivia is a little pig who is always up with something. After some mischief’s Olivia’s mother is fed up with her attempts and was complaining to her aunt. That day Olivia overhears her mother saying that she wants to send her to an instituion.Investigating more about the word “institution” she misunderstood what her mother is upto..
And the story ends with this quotes…

Mother : “Well, Olivia, what have you learned by eavesdropping?”
Olivia : “Partial truths and misinformation–“
Mother : “And how did that make you feel?”
Olivia : “Insecure and suspicious–“

I was curious to know what he has got from this book because while reading few pages of the book A was laughing out loud telling that Olivia does things like him.I went on a discussion after reading this book with A. The question “Why is Olivia’s mother complaining than helping Olivia to do tasks in a right way ?” came up from him gave me the other side of the story too.

I felt that the real message of the book is for parents about being careful on how you speak about your child in any situation…

When you’re the smallest, nobody listens to you

Chicken Nugget by Michelle Robinson & Tom McLaughlin

No one listens to him, and everyone else always has something over him.But it sometimes happens that  he can do something out of the box.

Chicken nugget has an issue being the smallest in the family.When the nuggets  cousin turn up to visit them there comes a chance for the Nugget to save the family and show that the littlest chicken is also the bravest of all.

A different tale with includes the classic fox and the chicken as characters with a twist in the storyline

A delightful book to help kids form sentences

Where’s the Little Mouse? …is it in the house?

Where’s the birthday cake?
Where’s the purple snake?
Where’s the hungry dog?

A very simple rhythamic book with question and answers for toddlers by  looking at the pictures. A good book to start with words and vocabulary development for kids

A Book about Individuality

          This is a story about a girl who loves to eat lima beans but stopped eating it as her friends teased her. As she cares too much about what others think she got a bad case of stripes on her. She turns into everything what other people say..many people diagnosed and tried to treat her stripes but they are of no use until a old woman who reached her home to treat n do a magic to her. From the next day she woke up n stopped thinking of what other people will say..
           This is an excellent book to make kids understand that they should listen to themself and  should not worry about what others think . It has a lesson to learn about individuality..
An excellent book for 4 years and above

Tulika books for toddlers


           Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old.


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Tulika books on creepy crawlies

       Sunu -Sunu Snail Storm in the Garden                                                                                           

Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old

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A book about different insects like housefly, honey bees, beetle ,butterflies, mosquitoes, ants, earthworm, spiders, bedbug , snails, fire flies . A comic picture book with funny pictures and many real facts about them for the kids.

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FOLLOW THE ANTS byAmrutha Sathish , Pictures bySowmya menon

Anita is little girl who loves small things like pebbles, stones. One day when she saw a long line of ants she is very curious to know where the ants are going..She decided to follow them . The ants take her along the things like table , dog which she sees everyday . It also creates a curiosity to know where ants go next and what makes her happy at the end . A good book to make toddlers understand the things around us . The words are so so simple which in turn helps to introduce new words to Little ones. It’s a bilingual book by the way..

My son Athilan’s fascination towards small insects is one of the reason this is one of our most favourite book..

A book for 2 years and above

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A picture book to introduce about moon


Author: Sandhya Rao
Pictures : Trotsky Marudu..

A picture book for toddlers to introduce about the phases of moon..
It’s always great to look at the dark blue sky through a window..Added to this happiness is to watch the moon grow everyday through the window..
Its great to watch the wisps of cloud( while reading this I always remember the imaginations I used to have everytime while watching the clouds: sometimes a lion, sometimes a lady, sometimes a horse and many more ), a silver moon, a semi circle, a comma, a half Circle, a big circle….

One day the same moon vanish of from the sky but it would be always great to know it will always come back ..
An excellent book for 2 years and above

A book about to encourage children to reach out more for the impossible

A book with beautiful illustrations about a boy who wants to catch a star. The boy looks out for a star to be his friend. So that he can play hide and seek together, take long walks together and so he decided up catching a star by getting up early in the morning as the star would be tired being in the sky the whole night. When he went out the next morning he couldn’t find any stars high in the sky, he waited and waited long. Just before the sun is about to go away he found a star.

He tried jumping up, climbing a tallest tree, using a life belt, seeking a help from sea gull etc. But the star is too far away. When he return back home he found the reflection of the star in the water. He tried catching it up but he couldn’t reach it. Then he waited on the shore for the star to get along. And finally he found a star washed up on the shore after a long wait and returned back home happily with a star of his own.

The book we loved reading at home so much as my son’s fascination towards stars and moons never ends. The book tells that if you are hard enough you can even reach the impossible..

A simple book to teach the children about the importance of name..


Author: SHYAMALA.S  Illustrator: SAURABH PANDEY\

 A beautifully illustrated book to teach the children about the importance of name.. 

Look around , everything around you have a name..

 This book starts with names of the fruits, vegetables, flowers, animals, shapes, tools, vehicles, colours,senses, season, feelings, parts of the body,living and non living objects,ends with people with different names and the reason why everyone don’t have the same name.

Every people are different ,unique and special..That’s y we all have different names.

 simple book from CBT publications  for 2 years and above

A hide and seek game book with animals


Animals in the rain forest gather together at the edge of the forest to play. Chameleon suggests for ‘hide and seek’ game. The elephant has to find the animals. Animals like giraffe, hippo, tortoise, gorilla, have a hard time about deciding where to hide except the chameleon.
Elephants counts one to ten while everyone hides. Elephant founds all the animals except the tricky hider, chameleon. And so all the animals call out for chameleon, “Come out where are you?”
The colorful illustrations with simple story and bold numbers on every page will help the little ones to learn counting and numbers. This book is also good for animal identification and to learn the size and other features of different animals with animal figurines . Finding chameleons in every page will add more fun to this book reading.

A good book for 2 years and above