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Make it a rule never to give a child a book you would not read yourself –George Bernard Shaw

An Intro

Books are source of knowledge. They are part and parcel of everyone’s life.

They come in different form in each household as novels/magazine for our adorable Moms, as study material/story books/novel for school and college going brothers and sisters, as a prayer/epic/religious books for our devoted Grandmoms and Granddads and of course they come in form of a newspaper providing the info regarding the things that happen around for our ever loving Dads.

Importance of reading

Inducing the art of reading in kids at a very young is very important to introduce them to the world around them in a playful way. About things we use and the things we see at home/school/park, relationships, feelings, language, animals, behaviors, good and bad habits.

And apart from the educational values they provide, through each little story we read to them we implant a Moral value woven into the stories by the writers, which is very essential to build in their inner self from a very young age.

It also helps the moms to spend valuable and enjoyable time with them by enacting and mimicking the characters of the story.

How to make kids interested in books

There are lot Colorful and innovative books available which attract the kids and kindle their liking towards reading. Books for kids come in many different types Pop-Ups , touch and feel , Peek-in, embossed and many more. Even very playful kids who like only their toys and would not sit up for reading will be enchanted by them. And trying mimic different voices to match the characters of the story will make reading a thing to enjoy for the kids.

First they’ll be happy with looking at the colorful pictures and pop ups and then their curiosity will take over and will want to know what is happening with each characters in the book and they will request their moms to read out to them. Then later that curiosity will be overcome with impatience to know the story once they come across a new book and they would not want to wait for someone to read but they will try and start to read them on their own.

Thus automatically we are seeding in the art of reading through these colorfully illustrated books to our kids.

Books can be our best friends and it is in our hands to welcome them.

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