Book Review | I Want My Mum

Author: Tony Ross

The story is about a Little Princess who loves her mother and cannot let her out of sight even for a few hours.

The various situations that the Princess gets stuck in and asks for her mother, is both comical as well as heart-warming. It is nice to see how even the smallest things can bring a smile to children’s faces, for instance, in this case, it is her mother coming and reassuring that everything will be fine or praising her spoiled painting. She looks up to her mother for everything to solve all her problems. She is her role model. The Little Princess wants her mother all the time – whether it is playing games with her or meal times. The Little Princess is like any other toddler who gets scared of monsters and hates applying medicine when hurt. Another book by Tony Ross in the popular Little Princess series, this one is sure to steal your heart.

The Little Princess is part of a popular series written by Tony Ross especially for toddlers who also face problems like the princess, even though she is a royal. Tony Ross has managed to strike a chord with children as well as parents by narrating stories at a very micro level, without trivializing their problems and at the same time, giving the toddlers importance just like an adult.

Beautiful illustrations capture the toddlers’ moods – happy, sad, angry, upset, jealous and all facets of toddlers.

Perfect book to read aloud to toddlers aged 3+.

I will always love you no matter what



A story of a small fox and mother fox.When a small fox feels that nobody loves him at all since he is grim and grumpy..But the large fox explains that she will love him always no matter what…

Small fox continues the same by asking number of questions to his mother like what if I turned into a bear, a big  a crocodile for which the large fox explains that she will love him always No matter what..

An example to how star still shine even they die is a great way to explain kids about death, love and acceptance in a easy way..

A book about acceptance and love which gives the confidence to the children to do everything with full heart and they are loved by their parents no matter what in all situations  whomever they may be..

We love reading this..This book always stays special to my heart as my son hugs me for the every read and tells”Ma I love you” for every page we turn..We love watching stars together after  every read..



A fantastic book to make kids learn about phonetics



An adorable book with a series of small stories with Whooper an important character in whopper tales.Its a fantastic book to make kids learn about phonetics won relation to alphabets A to Z.These stories emphasize on the sounds of one letter on each stories for example ” Super Whooper Helps Shy Sheily Sheep” emphasizes on letter S… Each story of the book teaches about the moral values to kids starting for
thankyou for the chef in a restaurant for the wonderful food,
encouraging and helping Sheily Sheep to sing on the stadium,
taking the help of his friends Harry and henry to help the habitats of Himalayans during high snow fall using helicopter n their friends ,
attending a training in a camp for team games and there making tommy into his team even though he knows its tough to make tommy socialize with teammates and finally they have become a tremendous team,

And the fifth story
Along with beautiful bunny And a gang of boys beautifying the River Bea’s from biodegrade waste ….
Which makes the bird on a the branch of the banyan tree sing a beautiful song…
Kudos to the young author pranks for this lovely book which help children develop their vocabulary..
A good book for 4 years and above


Tulika books we loved reading

Sunu-Sunu snail a storm in the garden

Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old

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Book Review: Naisha Books

Our most favourite read now…

We(me and my son) have come across many books in the last 2 years of our reading journey. One of the book which he loves to the most now is Naisha series books( a set of 12 books ) which I got very recently from Jasmine Bheda.

As far as I have seen my son, he shows much interest to the books with vibrant illustrations and books with funny story line with text to read. So I was hesitant to buy this book initially . But after having a lots of discussion with Jasmine , I  bought this book from her to give it a try with my son..

This series has 12 books. The main character of the books is a little girl ,Naisha. Each book is about the different places Naisha visits like park , fair, beach, circus, farmmarket, toyshop, mall, hotel, station, airport and zoo. A book to introduce toddlers to sight words and to compare real world objects to the kids in an easy way .

As a great surprise to me this is the only book which he wants to be with him now from the day it reached us. He reads, he sleeps, he plays, he travels too with the books.

A book which also helps to build their imagination and weave new stories of their own style, which I could see with my son where he speaks with his naisha akka having the books in hand..

Loved the way the book is designed too..

A best book set for toddlers and early learners to learn about their surroundings..

Thank you so much and hands off to author and illustrator for these books..
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Book Review | PLOP falls the Mango!

Author: Sarvendra Vikram
Illustrator: Eshita Munshi

Another gem from Pratham Publications, this translated story surrounds a mango that falls from a tree and the reactions of animals after it lands on the ground.

Beginning with a pigeon, a rabbit, and a squirrel, who are playing when the mango falls from the tree, to the seed of the mango lying on the ground after a cuckoo comes and eats it up, the author has woven the story sequentially.

Each page contains a surprise element as a different set of animals approach the mango seed – a curious rat, an owl, a monkey, a nightingale, a duck, goat, an onlooker crow, a spider, mongoose, and a lion and a lioness that walk past the mango seed. Rain and thunder follows, making the elephant trumpet loudly and shake a tree full of parrots, and the hen pecking at the seed. After the rains stop, the seed blossoms into a tiny plant. The rabbit, pigeon and squirrel watch the tiny plant grow from the seed.

Eshita Munshi’s illustrations visually stimulate children’s imagination of nature, rains, and reactions of various animals to the mango seed and the tiny plant which grows from it after the rains. The author has managed to even evoke reactions of the plant upon seeing the goat approach it as well as the reaction of the goat upon seeing the lion and the lioness returning from the pond.

One of the specialties of Pratham books is that they pose questions to children at the end of the book and leave the story open ended “what do you think happened next?”

This Level 2 reader succeeds in stimulating imagination and enhancing vocabulary too. A great book for toddlers to read aloud!


Book Review | My Juggling Granny

Authors: Mala Kumar & Manisha Chaudhry
Illustrator: Niloufer Wadia

Grandmothers are extremely sweet and caring. I am sure you will agree that each granny is unique in her own way. All of us have sweet memories with our respective grandmothers and all vacations spent with her.

Meet this lovely grandma who has a strange fetish or hobby. She loves juggling anything and everything wherever she is – be it the kitchen, office, market or grandpa’s things! Everyone around are exasperated and frazzled with her strange fetish.

Inside the kitchen, she juggles pots, pans, vegetables, fruits etc. Once she even tossed grandpa’s watch, pen, spectacles, cap and even his umbrella in the air and juggled. Poor grandpa had a fit seeing his things tossed up in the air. He threw up his hands and became angry.

One day, she went to the market and to the fruit seller’s dismay, she tossed his mangoes in the air and one went flying to the ground and became pulp. Onlookers were scared as she kept tossing one thing after another and they dared not stop her. Grandpa looked flustered and embarrassed. In an office, one day, granny started tossing pens, books and stationary in the air, much to the dismay of the employees working there.

Finally, one day, grandpa gifted her a whole basket of colourful balls. Grandma was really happy with them and grandpa watched her in delight as she started juggling them in the air gleefully. That night he slept fitfully as granny kept juggling the balls the whole night!

This book is a lovely read-it-aloud for toddlers aged 3+. Kids will love to imagine the juggling granny and probably try juggling themselves too!

A Level 2 book from Pratham Publications, the authors have asked questions about juggling which makes children think and comprehend the story well.