Early Reader becomes a Bookworm

I have borrowed the above statement from a famous adage: “The early bird gets the worm”. We all learned this proverb in school. It applies to every walk of life. In case of children, this adage gains more significance as they cross various milestones in life. There are some habits or values which we want our kids to imbibe early. They are called modeled habits.

This is the main reason why we introduce certain habits early. For instance, right from brushing teeth twice a day to three meals a day (differs in every culture and community), we do this in front of our kids so that they imbibe it.

Similarly, book reading is also a modeled habit. If we read books or newspapers in front of our kids or set a routine of reading out newspapers or story books aloud (depending on the age), then it will ensure they will enjoy reading a lot more than we imagined.

Books are great to enhance imagination and also engage a child constructively. Most of the time kids these days would prefer the screen. But what a visual medium does, is to kill the imagination of a child. Whilst reading a book, the same child will be forced to imagine the scene, the plot, characters, seasons and sometimes even a piece of music mentioned by the author.

Reading helps in writing and developing other fine arts at a later stage. As you read each word, it gets embedded in the memory and helps in word-picture association at a later stage. The child will be able to do his projects effectively and without help. He will use these early associations (from his or her early reading sessions) during his learning sessions at home/or school. In effect, it helps in enriching vocabulary – pictorial, verbal and wriitten.

The earlier you take to reading, the more it will help during your early learning years as well as professional life. You cannot develop love for books overnight especially after you have become adults. If you notice some people around you say that they do not like books, one of the main reasons is that they were never encouraged to read when they were small or they were pushed into academics by parents saying reading books is a waste of time! I am sure most of you reading this will be able to relate to this.

So begin as early as possible – as early as when your child is curious to explore coloured flyers/newspapers/books or magazines. Do not kill that curiosity with your concern that they will tear the book to pieces. Slowly inculcate the habit by showing pictures, sitting with your children and eventually they will understand why books are lovely and they should not damage them.

Reading is a life-long gift that you can gift your child!

Review | Tap Tap Tapak (Hindi)

Author: Amar Goswami
Illustrator: Partho Sengupta
Publisher: Pratham
Language: Hindi

This review has been long overdue. But I felt it is appropriate time to talk about this book – it is the rainy season now, and kids love the rains!

Paper boats are out floating in the water and crazy dancing in the rains ensues. But what exactly does it mean for the animals in this jungle?

The title of this Hindi book from Pratham publications itself suggests it is a sound and the various interpretations by the residents of the jungle. So what does this sound stand for? This is exactly what the jungle animals do. They set out to find out the source of the sound they hear on a rainy day.

The author and illustrator have both done a great job in maintaining suspense, enough to hold a child’s interest in finding out more about the sound mentioned.

This Level 2 book by Pratham is a picture-rich story book appropriate for kids aged 3+.

Review | Nat Geo Kids’ Little Kids First Big Book series

Type: Hardcover
Age group: 4+
Language: English
Author/Publisher: Nat Geo Kids

If you are wondering what to gift your toddler who has turned 4, then here is the perfect series for them. I recommend this as a parent whose toddler is enjoying every page of the three-book set!

The set comprises of The Little Kids First Book of Animals, The Little Kids First Book of Why and The Little Kids First Book of Space. Each book has the power to raise the curiosity of young minds. All these books whet the curiosity and answers all the questions that kids get at this age.

The first book is all about animals living in the Grassland, Ocean, Desert, Forest and Polar animals. It contains more than 200 incredible fun photos and facts on animals. The best part are the questions at the end of each chapter and a few tips for parents while reading the book.

The second book is an amazing trip into space. Kids get transported to their Universe and solar system. Nearly 100 beautiful illustrations and photographs interspersed with simple read-it-aloud text helps engage a rather busy toddler.  Each chapter has questions that invoke curiosity in every young mind.

The third book aptly named Why answers the smallest questions arising in children’s minds, ranging from “why are some animals so big and so small?’ to “why does my skin wrinkle in the tub?” and a myriad others.

The best part about these books is that they are a treasure chest of knowledge compiled at the most basic level by the Nat Geo Kids team who painstakingly put together all illustrations and photographs. This is one collection to be cherished forever!

All in all, a perfect gift for kids aged 4+.