The Bookmark” is not merely a name but it is the story of a young parent whose journey into the world of books started with my six month old son. My search also made me realize there is a strong deficit in books on Indian folktales and culture.
One thing led to another and the rest is history. This became a medium for me to spread the joy of reading and also my love for the print medium – the smell of books and feeling those pages in my hand.
Our aim is to get the best books for kids at affordable prices without compromising on quality. I make sure I personally pick age appropriate books – a wide genre of Indian and foreign books – to provide the best experiences for the little ones.
Most parents’ normal queries to me range from “what age can we begin reading to our kids” to “when they will start reading on their own”. For that, I only tell them: “Catch ‘em young”: the earlier you start the better.

This blog is the extension of our journey with books..Follow us to know more about our journey…
We are also specialized in setting up libraries for kids in various places..

You can write to us at support@thebookmark.in for your enquiry.
You are welcome to post comments and feedback on both website and Blog.
Welcome to my world!
Swathi Suriya Prakash