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A story of a snoring lion

Snoring Shanmugam

Story by Radhika Chadha and Pictures by Priya Kuriyan

When the jungle animals are tired of snoring from the gentle Lion King Shanmugam, they search for a way to find a solution for it.
They roll shanmugam on his sides to get relieved which doesn’t last long.

When one day lean and mean Gabbar Singh enters the jungle , they get into fear about how could they defence with Gabbar Singh with there lazy sleepy lion King shanmugam?

They are irritated with their lion King .But then baby bahadur comes up with an wonderful idea which brings smile on all their faces to get rid of their villian. *A colourful story with Indian animals and their names.
*Snoring sound “Khorhrhrh phsheew Khorhrhrh” which instantly brings continuous smiles on kids.
*Colourful Pictures of animals depicting Indian culture.

Wonderful book to read with kids 2 years and above

Hug and Kiss ‘em & Hold ‘em close to you!

From the moment I conceived, it was my fantasy to have a super tactile bond with my child after he/she would be born (for the longest possible time, I felt it would be a girl!). After my son was born, things became different and the first three months were extremely painful feeding him or holding him thanks to my C-section stitches. So all maternal feelings vanished into thin air and all I could think was sleep or having “me-time”. There was hardly a chance to cuddle up with him! Post partum depression had hit me big time and me not being able to calm down a screaming infant had dipped my morale too. Motherhood was nothing like I had imagined it would be! Besides I was terrified that my son would not accept me if I didn’t develop a bond early on. Of course, that did not happen. It was a mom’s fear that had spoken.

After he entered the infamous toddler phase, I became the quintessential “villain” for my son – the usual don’t do this and that. Yet again, my dreams of becoming my son’s best buddy were vanishing into thin air! I used to look at my calm and cool friends and envy their tactile bond with their children. I often wondered what it would take to bond like that with my baby.

The toddler phase, trust me, isn’t an easy one, especially when it becomes a power struggle between you and your child. I traversed this phase of feeling triumphant when I managed to make my son do exactly what I wanted, to him feeling triumphant after he threw a tantrum and got what he wanted. One day, I broke down in front of my best friends. After speaking to them, I recognized the vicious cycle that I had entered. They made me realize that using force isn’t going to help my cause. I simply failed to communicate to my son that harmony was what I wanted. He was getting more distanced from me.

Finally I changed my approach and touch was the first thing I started focusing on. I realized I needed to assure him that I will be with him no matter what! Another major change I brought in my outlook is to calm down and take three deep breaths the moment I knew I was going to lose my cool. The next was to go hug him tight and hold him close to me when he was screaming his lungs out.

Exactly at this time, I had purchased Carlos Gonzales’ book “Kiss Me”. This book completely transformed my approach with my son. I began to look at him like another adult who has feelings, emotions and thoughts of his own vis a vis a stubborn, angry and disobedient toddler. It was rather fascinating to see how hugging him, holding him close to me helped connect with him better. Of course, constantly talking to him became a cherry on the cake.

Very few understand the importance of touch.  According to the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami, School of Medicine, positive touch stimulates pressure receptors under the skin, lowering the heart rate, slowing the breath, decreasing stress hormones and boosts the immune system.

I also started following the gentle parenting principles where I decided to put the “ball in his court” for everything; putting him in charge of everything important to him – his toys, books and rest of his paraphernalia. Slowly, I extended this approach to eating too — asking him what he wanted to eat or even where he wanted to go or what game he wanted to play. Today at 4.5 years, he feels a lot more responsible for the tasks assigned to him.  Our power struggles have reduced a lot too!

I also keep sharing my thoughts and feelings with my son daily. It is extremely important to let your child know that you are in perfect sync with his thoughts and feelings too. Over a period of time, he will also feel the onus to express himself in normal tones (sans yelling) to you. He will cease to look at you as an “authoritarian” figure in his life and make you his buddy too.

It is important to let go at some points of time, to ignore some things that he or she does. Most importantly, your child must know you are trying to correct his behaviour and not him; you are not going to judge him or label him for life for his behaviour. For this, the more you hug him, hold him close to you, the more he will be emotionally assured that you will be there with him!

So what are you waiting for? Go cuddle your angry baby now!!

The day you begin

A wonderful story of children who feel like they don’t belong to and the same children who find connection in the little things. The moment when we walk into the room or school or office or may be any new place, confidence vanishes and there would be a thinking telling you have nothing similar.

There are many reasons to feel different.May be its how you talk, how you look or where you come from, may be what you eat or anything that is random. This book embrace about all things that make you stand out no matter what. I like how the books shows that how we ‘re all different but at the end how we’re all similar and talks about acceptance of one self..

A book to talk about the special child

Anya a little girl walked out of her home when her mother told “Dont Pout Anya”.. Pouting and shouting – that’s what Anya has been doing after her brother came home.. She started to have a conversation with a butterfly, about her little brother , who is a “special child” . She tells that it annoys her when her mother, tells ” Dont be like that , your brother is a special child”., Ever since he came along.

They both then hop on to the baby spirit making unit & the butterfly started to explain her about how each baby is special and different from any other spirit , how they choose to send a “special child” to a family as they would need more care and much more love ..

“Every child is special in its own way” Read this book for the first time with A. Starting from the babies, spirits, what type of child he is and what not- I would say I have been shooted with questions for more than 30 mins yesterday after reading this …

May be something beautiful

What good can a splash of colour do in a community of gray??

Maybe Something Beautiful is based on the true story in California where Rafael and Candice Lopez designed a plan to bring people together to create art to make their neighbourhood a better place.

Mira is a little girl who loves to create art in every blank canvas she comes across and distribute them to her neighborhood.. She lives in a gray city where she changes things with her art to transform her neighborhood .

She with the help of muralist started filling the streets with colours where everyone from her neighbourhood started joining with her to bring the change in community. Pages of the book has vibrant illustrations showing the diverse neighbourhood..

A wonderful book which lead the discussion through community services, being a contributor to the community in every possible way you can and the power of art to express the power of creativity..

“No matter how old you are , and whatever you are , you can always make a difference by expressing yourself in your own right way”.

This is one among the favourites for us for more than a year..

A cute humurous tale from Olivia

This is a cute and humurous tale from Olivia which focuses on the dangers of eavesdropping and of presuming you know how to do everything.
Olivia is a little pig who is always up with something. After some mischief’s Olivia’s mother is fed up with her attempts and was complaining to her aunt. That day Olivia overhears her mother saying that she wants to send her to an instituion.Investigating more about the word “institution” she misunderstood what her mother is upto..
And the story ends with this quotes…

Mother : “Well, Olivia, what have you learned by eavesdropping?”
Olivia : “Partial truths and misinformation–“
Mother : “And how did that make you feel?”
Olivia : “Insecure and suspicious–“

I was curious to know what he has got from this book because while reading few pages of the book A was laughing out loud telling that Olivia does things like him.I went on a discussion after reading this book with A. The question “Why is Olivia’s mother complaining than helping Olivia to do tasks in a right way ?” came up from him gave me the other side of the story too.

I felt that the real message of the book is for parents about being careful on how you speak about your child in any situation…

When you’re the smallest, nobody listens to you

Chicken Nugget by Michelle Robinson & Tom McLaughlin

No one listens to him, and everyone else always has something over him.But it sometimes happens that  he can do something out of the box.

Chicken nugget has an issue being the smallest in the family.When the nuggets  cousin turn up to visit them there comes a chance for the Nugget to save the family and show that the littlest chicken is also the bravest of all.

A different tale with includes the classic fox and the chicken as characters with a twist in the storyline

A delightful book to help kids form sentences

Where’s the Little Mouse? …is it in the house?

Where’s the birthday cake?
Where’s the purple snake?
Where’s the hungry dog?

A very simple rhythamic book with question and answers for toddlers by  looking at the pictures. A good book to start with words and vocabulary development for kids

A Book about Individuality

          This is a story about a girl who loves to eat lima beans but stopped eating it as her friends teased her. As she cares too much about what others think she got a bad case of stripes on her. She turns into everything what other people say..many people diagnosed and tried to treat her stripes but they are of no use until a old woman who reached her home to treat n do a magic to her. From the next day she woke up n stopped thinking of what other people will say..
           This is an excellent book to make kids understand that they should listen to themself and  should not worry about what others think . It has a lesson to learn about individuality..
An excellent book for 4 years and above

Tulika books for toddlers


           Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old.


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