Book Review | Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market

Author: Chitra Soundar

Illustrator: Kanika Nair

A farmer named Falgu is on his way to the market. This beautifully illustrated story brings out vivid images of the farmer’s journey with all his vegetables to the market. The problems he encounters as he rides his bullock cart on the bumpy, rickety roads.

The book is appropriate for children in the age group of 2-4 years. It helps the child to imagine and develop curiosity on farm commodities like vegetables and eggs and understand the ingenous problem-solving abilities of the farmer. It teaches the child not to give up in times of adversity and develop common sense and logic.

Rustic village settings have been beautifully illustrated by Kanika Nair. She successfully manages to set off young ones’ imagination through her drawings of the farmer’s trip to the market. The author has managed to keep up the pace for the children as well as enable the imaginary travel to the market place.

This book is a part of a four-book series and highly recommended as a good “read-it-aloud” book.