Tulika books for toddlers


           Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old.


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A simple book to teach the children about the importance of name..


Author: SHYAMALA.S  Illustrator: SAURABH PANDEY\

 A beautifully illustrated book to teach the children about the importance of name.. 

Look around , everything around you have a name..

 This book starts with names of the fruits, vegetables, flowers, animals, shapes, tools, vehicles, colours,senses, season, feelings, parts of the body,living and non living objects,ends with people with different names and the reason why everyone don’t have the same name.

Every people are different ,unique and special..That’s y we all have different names.

 simple book from CBT publications  for 2 years and above

Tulika books we loved reading

Sunu-Sunu snail a storm in the garden

Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old

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Book Review: Naisha Books

Our most favourite read now…

We(me and my son) have come across many books in the last 2 years of our reading journey. One of the book which he loves to the most now is Naisha series books( a set of 12 books ) which I got very recently from Jasmine Bheda.

As far as I have seen my son, he shows much interest to the books with vibrant illustrations and books with funny story line with text to read. So I was hesitant to buy this book initially . But after having a lots of discussion with Jasmine , I  bought this book from her to give it a try with my son..

This series has 12 books. The main character of the books is a little girl ,Naisha. Each book is about the different places Naisha visits like park , fair, beach, circus, farmmarket, toyshop, mall, hotel, station, airport and zoo. A book to introduce toddlers to sight words and to compare real world objects to the kids in an easy way .

As a great surprise to me this is the only book which he wants to be with him now from the day it reached us. He reads, he sleeps, he plays, he travels too with the books.

A book which also helps to build their imagination and weave new stories of their own style, which I could see with my son where he speaks with his naisha akka having the books in hand..

Loved the way the book is designed too..

A best book set for toddlers and early learners to learn about their surroundings..

Thank you so much and hands off to author and illustrator for these books..
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Book Review | PLOP falls the Mango!

Author: Sarvendra Vikram
Illustrator: Eshita Munshi

Another gem from Pratham Publications, this translated story surrounds a mango that falls from a tree and the reactions of animals after it lands on the ground.

Beginning with a pigeon, a rabbit, and a squirrel, who are playing when the mango falls from the tree, to the seed of the mango lying on the ground after a cuckoo comes and eats it up, the author has woven the story sequentially.

Each page contains a surprise element as a different set of animals approach the mango seed – a curious rat, an owl, a monkey, a nightingale, a duck, goat, an onlooker crow, a spider, mongoose, and a lion and a lioness that walk past the mango seed. Rain and thunder follows, making the elephant trumpet loudly and shake a tree full of parrots, and the hen pecking at the seed. After the rains stop, the seed blossoms into a tiny plant. The rabbit, pigeon and squirrel watch the tiny plant grow from the seed.

Eshita Munshi’s illustrations visually stimulate children’s imagination of nature, rains, and reactions of various animals to the mango seed and the tiny plant which grows from it after the rains. The author has managed to even evoke reactions of the plant upon seeing the goat approach it as well as the reaction of the goat upon seeing the lion and the lioness returning from the pond.

One of the specialties of Pratham books is that they pose questions to children at the end of the book and leave the story open ended “what do you think happened next?”

This Level 2 reader succeeds in stimulating imagination and enhancing vocabulary too. A great book for toddlers to read aloud!


Book Review | Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market

Author: Chitra Soundar

Illustrator: Kanika Nair

A farmer named Falgu is on his way to the market. This beautifully illustrated story brings out vivid images of the farmer’s journey with all his vegetables to the market. The problems he encounters as he rides his bullock cart on the bumpy, rickety roads.

The book is appropriate for children in the age group of 2-4 years. It helps the child to imagine and develop curiosity on farm commodities like vegetables and eggs and understand the ingenous problem-solving abilities of the farmer. It teaches the child not to give up in times of adversity and develop common sense and logic.

Rustic village settings have been beautifully illustrated by Kanika Nair. She successfully manages to set off young ones’ imagination through her drawings of the farmer’s trip to the market. The author has managed to keep up the pace for the children as well as enable the imaginary travel to the market place.

This book is a part of a four-book series and highly recommended as a good “read-it-aloud” book.


Book Review | Aaloo Maaloo Kaaloo

Author: Vinita Krishna
Illustrator: Suvidha Mistry

In the good old days, children visited their grandparents’ houses in the village during vacations. Because most villages did not have electricity and had limited “entertainment” options, it was easy to engage children in household chores.

Children would help out in the vegetable garden, the elders at home in running errands, and perhaps even meeting friends in the village for a cool dip in the local pond.

Aaloo Maloo Kaloo is a fun story about a boy named Maloo who is visiting his grandmother in the village.  His grandmother asks him to pick vegetables from her garden. His canine friend Kaloo also accompanies him.

Suvidha Mistry’s illustrations along with author Vinita Krishna manage to create vivid images of the vegetable garden and the rural landscape, which can transport you to the countryside; an excellent book for kids to learn more about colours and vegetables.

Yet another gem from the Pratham Books, it is a good read-it-aloud book for kids in the ages 2-4 years.


Book Review- Little Fingers

Author: Shella Dhir
Pictures : Mugdha Sethi

A Book about fingers on the hands and uses..

Each finger has its own personality and when it comes together they make many things happen around. Each fingers have different fingerprints. They can be used to make animals ..
First comes the thing without which its hard to hold anything..
Next comes the index finger which helps to hold, write and draw..

Next comes the middle finger , the tallest of all.
The fourth finger needs the the support
Of other fingers to tap, type mix and fix..
Then comes the littlest finger of all..which moves together with thing for many activities.
When two hands join together they can clap, play music, paint, pull, count, pick, cut,sign, and most of all welcomes people through Namaste….
A playful entertaining picture book to learn about hands and fingers for the toddlers..