Book Review | Mera Parivaar (Hindi)

Author(s): Arshi Naaz, Kuldeep Sandhu and Susheela
Illustrator: Rajeev Verma ‘Banjara’

A Level 1 book in Hindi by Pratham Publications, Mera Parivaar or my family is about the various members of a family in India. As a level 1 book, it is a perfect book for children to begin reading books with the help of elders – more importantly to improve listening and comprehension skills.

Mera Parivaar is about a small girl called Tuktuk who introduces her not-so-small, yet big family. Her family comprises of her mother, father, brother, sister, maternal and paternal grandparents, aunts and uncles, younger cousins and a small pet dog Bujo.

Authors Arshi Naaz, Kuldeep Sandhu and Susheela have kept up the narration alive through the main character Tuktuk. Illustrator Rajeev Verma has sketched all the members of a typical joint family in India quite well.

All of us have at some point grown up in a joint family at some point of time. Annual family reunions used to be a ritual every summer vacation for most growing up in the 80s and 90s, and even until recent. This book is great for tiny tots to understand each relationship quite well.

Apt for kids aged 3+.

Book Review: Naisha Books

Our most favourite read now…

We(me and my son) have come across many books in the last 2 years of our reading journey. One of the book which he loves to the most now is Naisha series books( a set of 12 books ) which I got very recently from Jasmine Bheda.

As far as I have seen my son, he shows much interest to the books with vibrant illustrations and books with funny story line with text to read. So I was hesitant to buy this book initially . But after having a lots of discussion with Jasmine , I  bought this book from her to give it a try with my son..

This series has 12 books. The main character of the books is a little girl ,Naisha. Each book is about the different places Naisha visits like park , fair, beach, circus, farmmarket, toyshop, mall, hotel, station, airport and zoo. A book to introduce toddlers to sight words and to compare real world objects to the kids in an easy way .

As a great surprise to me this is the only book which he wants to be with him now from the day it reached us. He reads, he sleeps, he plays, he travels too with the books.

A book which also helps to build their imagination and weave new stories of their own style, which I could see with my son where he speaks with his naisha akka having the books in hand..

Loved the way the book is designed too..

A best book set for toddlers and early learners to learn about their surroundings..

Thank you so much and hands off to author and illustrator for these books..
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